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The Local Table

The Bungalow 1934 offers authentic Kodava cuisine. Machavva, my late paternal grandmother, was a wonderful cook known for her elaborate spreads, lip-smacking pickles and impeccable table setting. Her keema balls, mutton pulao, fish cutlet and onion pickle were legendary and Machavva’s pulao platter occupies a prominent place on the wall. She imparted her culinary skills to my mother Fancy Ganapathi, and Sarsuamma, our cook who has served the family for four decades. Sarsuamma learnt all the kitchen secrets and can cook for an army. She has given food demos and taught chefs in nearby resorts, including Master Chef Gordon Ramsay. My mother adds her magic to every meal with special dishes and desserts. After her chocolates became the rage among relatives, she took orders for weddings before turning into a full-fledged chocolatier, preparing assorted homemade chocolates under her brand Chocotila. As an entrepreneur, she mentored locals and launched Flavours, an organic shop in Virajpet selling agro produce and specialty foods.


The dining space is sheer eye-candy with its pale blue floor, grey walls, wood tones and a long table with benches to seat guests. Rustic shelves display old crockery and pickle jars with delicious homemade preserves and pickles of gooseberry, orange, pepper, parangi malu or bird eye chilli, bamboo shoot, berries and red pepper. The vintage red fridge from 1934 that ran on kerosene (it even has a silencer!) was repainted to a delightful avocado green for a pop of colour while an antique ceramic water filter adds old world charm. Rustic ladders have been recycled into hanging lights above the dining while attic steps serve as shelves for old kettles. One wall is dedicated to the shoot of the India episode of ‘Gordon Ramsay Uncharted’ Season 2, partly shot in Kodagu. Gordon’s offroad drive in my Gypsy, learning Fancy’s coffee liqueur recipe, pandi curry with Sarsu, the ant chutney episode and the final cook-off with Chef Shri Bala and the feast with Kodava ladies, all took place in and around The Bungalow 1934. Watch the episode on Disney + Hotstar.

Traditional Kodava delicacies are laid out at the dining area The Local Table, a curved counter dressed in wood and stone. Meals feature paputtu, akki otti, kadambuttu, noolputtu, pulao, pepper rasam, tarkari koot (mixed vegetable) curry, mange curry (mango curry), pandi curry (pork) and seasonal specialties like kemb (colocasia), chekke kuru pajji (jackfruit seed chutney) and bemble (tender bamboo shoot). Dig into dark velvety pandi barthad and pandi curry (pork fry and curry) and mutton roast with crisp akki ottis. Chudals, the barbecue grill has a suspended butcher’s meat hook dishing out grilled meats. The vibrant lounge area has old books, vinyls, quirky signboards and guitars upscaled into ceiling lights. The Bungalow follows the traditional style of cooking and uses only fresh ingredients with no chemicals or food colours. Meat is never frozen. We are very particular about procuring fresh mutton, pork, seafood and groceries on a daily basis from Virajpet, 26 km away. In the old days, it took weeks to transport things by bullock cart. We also grow our own organic vegetables used in our daily spread. The home style cooking done on our wood fired stove, is a big draw, especially with repeat guests. The tariff includes breakfast, lunch, evening high tea and dinner with barbeque. 

* Some delicacies are seasonal and not on offer all year round



Handcrafted by Fancy

My mother Fancy Ganapathi has always believed in bringing people together and helping those in need. Her generosity coupled with her entrepreneurial abilities created Virajpet’s biggest Self-Help Group of over 250 members. Fancy specialised in making chocolates, jams, juices etc. In 2017, she was recognized by the Karnataka State Government for her hard work, and received the "MSME Business Tycoon" award. Feel free to visit our store Patthayah, the redesigned old granary and buy her handmade delicacies.

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