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Things to do Around The Bungalow

‘Guided hikes and cabs for excursions can be arranged on request at extra cost’


  • The bungalow has several charming nooks for bookworms, birdwatchers and nature lovers. Sit around a bonfire and talk into the night over homemade wines and chocolates.

  • Roam around the estate on your own or spend time at the little stream near my home at the base of the hill.

  • Go on a hike from the back gate of Tamara Resort to Baliyatra Ridge and Pathipole waterfall.

  • Drive or hike up to Chelavara waterfall and Kabbe Pass.

  • Pamper yourself at the Tamara Resort Spa next door (exclusive access to The Bungalow guests.

  • Visit the Padi Igguthappa Temple at Kakkabe, 3 km away, dedicated to the rain god and giver of grain (iggu means grain, thappa means to give). If you visit in the afternoon, don’t forget to have annadana or lunch.

  • Drive 5 km to Nalaknad Palace near Yavakapadi, the secret palace built in 1792 by the Haleri king Dodda Veerarajendra as a base to fight Tipu Sultan. At the Kalyana Mantapa, he married his second queen Mahadevammaji in 1796. The palace served as the final refuge of the last Haleri king of Kodagu Chikka Veerarajendra, before being deposed by the British.

  • Trek 2 hours to Thadiyendamol, the highest peak in Coorg.

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